Team Teach

What is Team Teach?

Positive strategies for managing behaviour.

Team Teach provides reasoned, researched and considered positive behavioural management courses delivered by experienced, knowledgeable trainers.

Tailored training solutions teach positive behaviour management and handling strategies which reduce the need for physical intervention and restraint.  Training equips individuals and teams to manage challenging behaviour and conflict safely and respectfully, driving positive outcomes.

How is Team Teach delivered?

Training is delivered in house, over eight modules tailored specifically for the individuals taking the course.  Prior to the implementation, we will discuss the content with you, and a specific curriculum will be designed to meets the needs of the attendees.  It is a practical, interactive training process, designed to transform participants’ practice in school, allowing participants to understand and implement holistic behaviour management strategies.

Participants will receive a Course Workbook and, upon successful completion, a certificate.

Training Options:

  • Positive Behaviour Management Level One – 6 Hour is a one-day course aimed at individuals operating in low-risk settings, including mainstream primary and secondary schools.  Certification for 36 months.
  • Positive Behaviour Management Level Two – 12 Hour is a two-day course designed to deliver proven, safe strategies for anyone managing challenging behaviour in medium-risk settings, including Pupil Referral Units and special schools.  Certification for 24 months.
  • Re-accreditation courses for schools still within their original certification period. These are half the time of the initial course & focus can be determined by the school.
  • ‘Mop up’ sessions are run regularly throughout the year.

For more information about the training options available contact us.

Visit the Team Teach website for more information about the content of Team Teach training or contact us for more information.

Training Costs:

Costs per day of in-house school training:

  LA Schools Academies
2 trainers (24 delegates) £1,320 £1,450
3 trainers (36 delegates) £1,870 £2,050
4 trainers (48 delegates) £2,420 £2,660

Costs per day of mop-up training:

  LA Schools Academies
3 or more people from the same setting £100 £111
2 people from the same setting £105 £116
1 person from a single setting £110 £121


Team Teach

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