About Us

Mission statement:

"Working to support professionals develop their skills to enable children and young people to flourish, enjoy learning and achieve the best possible outcomes."

Our core values centre around:

  • Collaborative learning and inclusivity for all
  • Listening to our community and developing high quality training in support of their needs
  • Using evidence-based practice to ensure training is embedded effectively
  • Doing the right things for the right reasons - providing value for money on a non-profit basis

The team....














Julie Walker: SPTS Lead, development &partnership





Emma France: Careers and Skills Adviser/ Somerset Supported Employment Co-Ordinator






Rebecca Pearce: SPTS Officer






Louise Wheeler: SPTS Administrator


We draw from a broad group of skilled practitioners, leaders and independent professionals to deliver our programme.  Through training, accreditation and careful evaluation, we are committed to development and capacity building in our team and yours.

A brief history of SPTS...

As a DfE Teaching School (2011-21) based in an Outstanding special school (Ofsted 2005, 2008, 2013, 2017) we developed a reputation for the quality and relevance of our CPD, Teacher Training and School to School Support.  We have an established record of effective partnership working with local and national organisations, and in 2018 we won a NASEN Award of Excellence for our Outreach & Inclusion work with local mainstream schools.

From September 2021 we will operate without DFE funding under the name Specialist & Personalised Training Services.  We are an outward-facing organisation, now uniquely placed to achieve connectivity across the system, with a strong moral purpose for improving outcomes for all children, in all settings.